Seraphina Kallyl

Fire Elf Sorceress

Name Seraphina Kallyl Class Sorcerer 6
Level 6 Race Fire Elf
Alignment Chaotic Neutral Diety none
Size Medium Age 50
Gender Female Height 5’1”
Weight 100 pounds Eyes Burning Ember
Hair Red,Orange, White Skin Charcoal
Ability Score Modifier
STR 13 +1
DEX 16 +3
CON 11 +0
INT 18 +4
WIS 12 +1
CHA 17 +3
HP AC Touch FF Initiative BAB Grapple
12 13 13 10 3 +3 +4
Weapons Scimitar Armor Ring of Charisma +2
Saving Throws Total Base Mod
Fortitude 2 2 0
Reflex 5 2 3
Will 6 5 1


  1. Combat Casting
  2. Eschew Materials
  3. Brew Potion


  1. Common
  2. Elven
  3. Draconic
  4. Ignan
  5. Abyssal
  6. Infernal

Special Abilities:

  • Low-light Vision
  • Summon Familiar

Spells Known:

  • Lvl 0
    • Acid Splash
    • Ray of Frost
    • Ghost Sound
    • Read Magic
    • Detect Magic
    • Mage Hand
    • Launch Item
  • Lvl 1
    • Mage Armor
    • Identify
    • Shocking Grasp
    • Color Spray
  • Lvl 2
    • Body of the Sun
    • Spider Climb
  • Lvl 3
    • Icelance

My birth name is Seraphina Kallyl, though everyone calls me Sere that knows me. I am one of approximately 300 fire elves living on an isolated island, in Diablo City. We live on the edge of a somewhat active volcano – velvet beauty and destructive power all rolled sensuously into one. While most of my family has chosen to live a little ways distant from the thing, I admire it. A couple of years ago, I broke with my family (much to their dismay) and made myself a home at the very top, on the lip of the volcano itself. Its burning red glare thrills me; it is the last thing I see when I sleep and the first thing I look to when I awake in the mornings. It has even provided me with a few interesting items; the owners of which got too close to the edge of the slowly bubbling lava and who no longer needed their belongings. Most were just rations and other boring things. But I did find something quite advantageous – a silver ring, engraved with a flame design around it. It made me feel more beautiful and so I keep it on my finger always now.

For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with magic. Watching it, playing with it, getting burned by it – all of this and more. I yearn for the day when the magic envelopes me; two as one. I crave that union more than anything I can possibly imagine. It burns inside of me – inflames my soul and courses through my veins; bringing me to life. This place, these people, all have become too complacent. I learn nothing here and will learn nothing more no matter how long I stay. The power I seek I must find elsewhere. And so I mean to do. Though none that I know of have left the island as far back as I can remember, I intend to do it. There is greater power and greater glory in the world beyond and I mean it to be mine, no matter what it takes. I will be as the volcano – beauty and power and danger wrapped in one. I will learn and I will grow. I will triumph over any foolish enough to stand in my path.

I made my way down to the main village and told my parents of my intentions to leave the island. All of a sudden, I heard a yell. We looked out the window to see a fire elf struggling to make his way towards the city. He was bruised and limping. All of us who saw ran to the street to see what had happened. All he managed to get out was something about humans and half-elves on the other side of the mountain. He collapsed in a heap. We all looked up to see a number of humans, half-elves, and dwarves making their way toward the city. Robrito, the leader of the island, stepped forward toward them. They wanted to turn the city into a town for tourists! Preposterous! I saw looks of anger that mirrored my own at the proclamation. Fabrico, brother to Robrito, stepped out and told the group that we would “consider” the proposition. His uncharacteristically calm manner tipped us off, however, when he told us to be ready to move. The rest of the city followed at a considerable distance and waited on the other side of the mountain, hidden in the forest. At nightfall, the village burst into flames and the fire elves hidden in the forest were quick to dispatch any who thought to escape the flames through the forest.

The fire decimated the small outpost that the group had been trying to set up on our island. It had also decimated the only two boats that were in the harbor. The only thing left was the one gigantic one that they had used to come over to the island. I managed to get Finnian, an elf I had met earlier in the day and a strange human named Sam something-or-other to help as we made our way to the neighboring island of Carstira. From there I would be able to move across the bridge and through the desert. According to the elf, there were magic-users across the desert and I meant to speak with them and to learn what I could. There was a little trouble with a gnome going through Carstira, but it was taken care of and my journey commenced with little trouble.

Seraphina Kallyl

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