Harmony Dalyaters


Harmony Dalyaters is the leader of the Elven lands. She is cold and unfeeling, but her lands are the most welcoming of places. A man need not fear for his life when in these lands. The elves welcome travelers with open arms, whether good or evil, elf, or not. Many of war hero has seen his enemy here, but will not strike for fear of repercussion from the elves.

Harmony has long silvery hair and a pale complexion. Her face is always sullen, but people around her are always happy. She is said to never have shown any emotion at all. She wears only whites with differing colors of outlines, depending on the day. She as a blue necklace she always wears, allowing no one to touch it. When she enters a room everyone salutes her with respect in there own way, whether it be a wave, a bow, or a simple removal of a hat. She is said to expect this because of the peace she offers in her lands for travelers. If someone does not show respect she has them removed from her lands and banished so they may never enter it again.

She doe not speak to many people, but it i said that when she speaks, the angels weep and the heavens open up to listen to her melody of speaking. Her voice carries throughout the world and anyone who hears it will feel at peace.

Harmony Dalyaters

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