A woman who has seen life in many view points. She was raised as a noble in a high elf city, long before humans and halflings were even present. The dwarfs were, in a few words, “simple slaves” to the high elves. But there love and loyalty was renowned by all the races of the worlds. Carlita was a woman who saw life from the eyes of a mage and the eyes of a diplomat. her mother was the leader of the elves, she taught her quick wit, battles of wit, jokes, and many other things she deemed necessary for a proper young lady to know. Her father, however, was a mage first and foremost. He spent many a week creating spells and making scripts to tell the passsage of time and space. He was most amused with the thought of time alteration. He spent many a year practicing his magiks, trying to force time to succumb to his will. He was ever truly able to control all of time, but he was able to control parts of it. he taught his daughter the ways of magik. She was a quick learner, yet he knew she was unable to master this trade as her mother always had her with the nobles, leading a simple and silly existence of blathering about how life could be better if they were to change leaders. he taught her a very important lesson, which was unheard of at the time. “Life cannot be altered physically. If you want something done, you need to alter it yourself in anyway necessary” She understood but did not quite grasp the idea…she would.

As she aged her knowledge in both magik and politics lead her into the realm of engineering. She was able to create magical structures that aided and defended her lands while also being able to speak with the counsel to advocate her ideas. She did not want to be leader, she never felt the urge as many did, but her father thought she must! He was ashamed of her when she told him she did not want to lead and actually was happy creating. She was a chief in the magical ways of the city, few elves if any were able to say so. He took on another pupil child to teach his ways of time and space. She never really saw her father again, she was distraught when she found out his pupil had killed him, but yet her remorse was short lived. She felt the need to be sad because it was normal to be sad. She had too much work to do to spend more than a day on her fathers dead body. The pupil had turned on him, she knew the student would be found and dealt with, but then she found out the evil wizard was actually her fathers pupil. She was in charge of building a huge holding cell for an evil wizard who had been plaguing the people of her land. She worked day and night to finish this prison. She knew the ins and outs of the building. She even put in something extra for this wizard that would make him constantly visualize everything bad he had ever done while in this cell. She added a time warp spell her father was working on to make sure he wouldn’t die in the cell. She wanted him to suffer.

The last thing she remembered was pulling the switch to put the wizard in the cell. She had spent may hours preparing and hadn’t got a lot of sleep, but she was ready. She fell asleep and awoke inside the cell with no one around to release her. Why was she inside the cell? She was then tortured for many millenia about these killings she did not commit. What was she to do, she was stuck in her and she could not die inside of it. She wanted to get out and get revenge… One day


Firus Envy Migrandasa