Corran Elidrama

A silver Elf who seems to control his destiny


A silver skinned elf with the fine features of a high elf, yet refined to the point of seeming too smooth, almost fake. His face is reflective yet calm at most times. He wears a set of red and silver robes, a walking stick of ebony and brass is always by his side. He was said to be a child of an ancient master of magic. As a boy he was found by this master and was taught the ways of magic and solice. Over time he realized he was different then everyone else, he was not really able to be hurt. Everytime something bad would happen to him, he would see time around him bend and then things would happen again and he could react to them in a much easier manner, almost like he could see the future. people around him ever seemed to notice his gift, but his master did. He could sense subtle changes in the time lines every time something bad seemed to be happening, but then his apprentice always had the answers. He tested him one day with a spell scroll that was set to explode when read. He watched his apprentice read and as soon as it was about to go off, he prepared a barier spell to absorb the blast against him and his apprentice. Instead of an explosion he felt the weird energy of time around him again and the spell seemed to fizzle. His apprentice had diffused a powerful spell he had never seen before. Well had he seen it before? now his master sensed he may have actually taught him this spell…but just a few moments ago he knew he hadn’t…something was happening he did not understand. Through many years of training and contomplation Corran’s master was never able to truly understand his apprentices power, but he helped him hone it. He realized he controlled things around him besides objects, he controlled the very fabric of existence.

After a long time of training Corran understood his power, he was a rare breed indeed. Stories were told of his kind, that were cold and non responsive that controlled the fabric of time around them, only for there own purposes. He wanted to be more than helpful to him and other people….

The story of Corran is lost to many people at this point. Some people say he went crazy after training alone with his master for too long. Other say his master tried to kill him to protect the world from him if he were to turn to dark magics. Others say a lover came along and caused him to turn his back on his old master. Whateer happened, the end result was Corran grabbing ahold of any land and slaves he could, stealing the life of the land and his slaves. The leaders of the world trapped him in a sphere where he is rotting to this very day. A man cannot survive for so many years in a bubble that allows time to pass normally. Life is now much better with him gone….As long as no one ever releases and resurrects him

Corran Elidrama

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