Zeldaryn Kallyl


Zel appears as a light-skinned, blue-eyed elven male of around ten (human) years, with feathery, translucent wings and long, snow-white hair that is normally drawn back into a low ponytail. He is gregarious and inquisitive and is very rarely seen without a smile on his intelligent face. When frustrated or angered, his hair shifts to black tinged with a vivid red. Fangs appear and his skin darkens to a dark gray, his wings shifting from translucent and feathery to a very solid, leathery and bat-like form, though they still retain their white color. As he becomes angrier, obsidian-black horns will also appear, sprouting from his forehead and his fangs will lengthen even further, his eyes changing from blue to a smoldering, deep red.

Zeldaryn was born under some extremely unique circumstances. His mother is a Fire Elf named Seraphina Kallyl, his father a redeemed incubus demon by the name of Raziel. The relationship between mother and father was rocky, to say the least, in the beginning. Zel was born to his mother while she toiled in an extradimensional time warp. There they stayed together for over a year, while he grew quickly from infant to adolescent, his demonic blood causing him to age much more quickly than a normal child would. For almost his entire childhood, this was his life. He helped his mother to fashion many magical items and became adept at helping in this sort of work. During this time of toil, his mother made him a set of magical paintbrushes that brought to life whatever it was that he decided to paint. These were his toys and his pastime growing up. Little else was available for him to do, locked in that one small room as they were.

When the great work was finally complete, he and his mother left the room and Zel found himself on a great ship. It was here that he met his father, Raziel. Extremely na├»ve from being raised in such an enclosed space, he views the world with a very childish innocence and excitement. He met with a witch by the name of Carlita, who had switched bodies with his father and was posing as him. She corrupted him using her magics and he turned fully demon for a time, going on a rampage to release a deep evil into the world. Only through his father’s valiant battle with the crazed, evil witch was the spell able to be broken and Zel returned to normal. He fell into an exhausted sleep and, as far as can be told, remembers nothing of this horrific encounter. Whether this is through his mind shutting off such a horrific experience or through some after-effect of the witch’s spell, no one can tell…

Zeldaryn Kallyl

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