Raziel is usually seen in one of three forms. One is a handsome young man in his mid-twenties, the other is a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, and the third form is his true form; that of a grey skinned, dark haired, stunningly attractive Incubus.


Good and evil. How often do we truly think about these concepts? For some people the difference between good and evil is very clear cut. They channel some divine energy, focus it on an individual, and the answer comes to them. If a being is deemed as evil then they have forfited their right to live. I have seen the most ‘noble and honorable’ of men use that power of theirs and then hack the creature in front of them to bits or allow the cruelest deeds to be done to the individual since he or she has been deemed corrupted.

But if that’s the case; what does it mean to be good? I thought I knew what it meant but now the concept is becoming very blurred and confusing. And I think that I through a whole wrench into the concept of evil or at least how to deal with it.

I will not deny that in my past I was an evil being. I was born from a seed of corruption and lust like many other incubi. I was a soulless being who was only concerned with growing in power and quenching the unending lust that throbbed through my body. When I was a couple of hundreds of years old I became a part of a powerful demon army that constantly waged war with beings from the celestial realm. I was never a frontline soldier, my skills were put to better use. I seduced and fed upon the weaker celestial beings at first. Their souls bolstered my powers and within a century or two I was very powerful. Lots of other things happened that I do not care to go into detail over. Eventually I was allowed to leave to a realm of my choosing and I settled on Kara-Tur.

I traveled from Shou Lung to Koryo and I found myself smitten with the world. I was able to take on various forms and seduce countless men and women. My interest lay with women but I was not above bedding a man if he was powerful and I could drain his power from him. My favorite thing to do was seduce young women whose family held great power. There was something very satisfying about hurting them in ways that steel never could. My arrogance got the better of me and when I found out about a promising young priestess by the name of Mizuyaki. She was traveling with a group of adventurers which included her older brother Tamashi and his fiancé, Miya. I played so many games with them but I grew careless and eventually they found my lair. I seduced Miya and had her turn on her allies with enraged Tamashi. He called upon his god to aid him and he was filled with both divine energy and his own life energy and he struck me with such force that I was crippled and I lost most of my powers.

Needless to say I was sure I was done for. But there was a young monk in the group who saw something inside of me. Even now I am not sure how he did it but he managed to convince them to spare my life. I told them I would do anything and that I would serve them and aid in doing good deeds. I would have said and done anything to say my life. At the beginning I constantly plotted how to escape but after a couple of years..I was starting to warm up to them. Especially the young priestess. I found myself constantly wanting to be in her company. I felt things that I had never experienced before and the emotions were very confusing. I kept them to myself but I think Mizuyaki always knew about them.

Now I realize that what I was feeling was love. But I didn’t have a soul back then so I was unable to fully comprehend it and embrace it. It lead me to do something very foolish that forever changed my life. One morning I woke up and I did not find Mizuyaki in our encampment. I was worried so I searched high and low for her. When I found her she was with a young man and the two were embracing tightly. My mind reverted back to it’s demonic roots and I assumed the worse. I was feeling vindictive and bitter. All of my good deeds and all the sweet conversations Mizuyaki and I had had beneath the stars seemed to be for naught. I wanted to rough her up a little bit and teach her a lesson. I paid some thugs to jump her and her companion on the road and teach them a lesson for me. It wasn’t until a few hours later that a local village revealed the truth to me; the man was a friend from her childhood who she had not seen in years.

I rushed to where I told the thugs they would find her and when I got there I was too late. The fight had escalated and her friend was dead and she was dying. I disposed of the only thug who had survived the ordeal and I dropped down next to her. I was expecting her to be angry and vengeful but she wasn’t. Instead she took my face in her hands and she told me that despite what I had done, she loved me and she wanted to give me the chance to learn how to love. She told me that like the monk, she saw potential in me and she did not want me to go back to my cruel and hateful ways. Before I could protest she kissed me deeply and I felt something stir deep inside of me. When she kissed me she also cast a spell on me and I was transported into a small crystal. I am not sure how long I was in there but I was given ample time to reflect on all the nefarious deeds I had committed in my long and terrible life. Eventually the spell wore off and I was free from the crystal. I left that crystal a different person; I left that crystal as a demon with a conscience and a soul.

I spent a hundred years traveling in seclusion and stopping at any village I came across and doing what I could to aid the villagers. Some times it was handling local gangs other times it was performing for a child who had lost a parent. I thought that would be how I spent the rest of my days but then something happened..a portal opened up and I was sucked into it.

And now I am in a strange new world that is filled with adventure ,excitement, and danger. Perhaps here I will finally understand what it means to have a soul and all the emotions that come with it.


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