Firus Envy

Manuel To Da Rescue!

What a day! I woke up with a feeling of elation, ready to take down the Knights of Old again, to show them they were not better than us. However that feeling changed when I was confronted with a group of them that seemed to not follow the code of the KOO. One of them in particular took me under there wing, making sure I knew the ways of right and justice. I quickly knew my former allies were tricking me this whole time. ho really kills people for fun, honestly? I switched sides faster than a jumping refried bean in a hot pan. We fought valiantly even into the fire breached city. My new ally, Fredric, told me to show how brave I was and save people and bring them to the safe house. I scoured burnt building, taking sweltering heat to show my new friend that I am not simply a nobody, I was someone who could be a KOO, someone who was ready for the fight. I am ready, Manuel is ready.



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