Firus Envy

I've gone and made a mess..

You would think that the least of my concerns in a new world filled with peril would be romance, right? But it seems that no matter how much of my true nature I try and deny, part of it always rears it’s ugly head. I mean really..I should be worried about my life! I should be worried that someone will discover what I am. Infernal, I should be worried about the crazed sorceress we released into the world!

But instead I let my emotions get the best of me with one of my fellow adventurers. Someone who apparently is meant to save the world. I should not act on emotions that I do not fully understand. No matter how strong they are. No matter how wonderful they are. I—sigh. I should rest and I will write more in the morning when my head is clearer and I’ve had the chance to properly reflect on what has transpired.

Mizuyaki, if you can hear my prayers; please answer them.



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