Firus Envy

It Begins...

At first I was happy to be assigned my new mission. I mean, hey, this time I get to guard something that can talk back! Well, then I met her , my new ward. Now I really don’t know a whole hell of a lot about Fire Elves, but do they typically chase small reptiles for food? Because thats what she was doing when we first encounter each other. She was so caught up in the chase that she didn’t even notice the big, green haired, glowing guy not but five feet from here until I spooked her with the word “hello”.

I wish I could begin to understand the events that kicked into motion mere moments after our first words. All I do know is that I’m never picking a flower again. Some how we’ve come to be lost in a world not ours. Did the portal send us to another plane? Or maybe a different continent? I really have no way of knowing at the moment, but I hope to find out soon. This new land is, to but it gently, weird.

We haven’t learned too much about the place other than townsfolk are phobic of gold and that “tax-collector” is code for “evil bastards” around here. I was called a demon, a foul servant of the abyss. I found a small amount of humor in that honestly. Then I discovered the so called priest couldn’t read the Divine Words of his little book. Eh, can’t blame him for being stupid I guess.

So now, after a quick encounter with some tax collectors, a campy knight, a naked old man, an elven witch that admitted trying to poison us and a round of Epic Oratory from yours truly on the dangers of turtles we find ourselves in a large city.

I’ld wish for a guardian angel, but seeing as thats what I am it would be kind of an odd thing to pray for…



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